Compound Your Actions in 3 Easy Steps to Achieve More in Life

Compound your actions

“Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it…He who doesn’t, pays it.” – Albert Einstein

Ever wondered why some people achieve more in less time and the other people just have to do all the hard work only to get a mediocre result and that too with a lot of struggle? Do you feel lost when it comes to find ways to improve your hard work so that it pays out in manifold at the end? Or do you feel that your most cherished desire and dreams are still there far from becoming a reality?

To start with, I would like to clarify one thing that there is no substitution for hard work. No great achievements every came in anybody’s life without putting hard work for it. This is a timeless truth about success. But yes, if you’re looking for improving your efforts so that you can improve on your chances to see success early, then certainly there are some techniques that you can explore. I will share one such technique with you today.

I am sure you have learned the concept of compound interest in school, right? It says if you deposit your savings in a bank at a certain compound interest, your amount will grow bigger and faster, because you also get an opportunity to earn interest on the interest earned on top of your original amount annually during your full term.

The same concept of compounding can be applied when it comes to taking actions for your goals, desires or dreams to achieve them faster. Below are three easy elements that you should incorporate in your process to compound your actions and bring you the desired result even faster.

Here they are:

Try these three effective things right away.

Put Small Effort Continuously

There is something magical about putting small efforts on a continuous basis. Divide your bigger goals into smaller goals, and your smaller goals into smaller actions that are easy to complete on a daily basis. With this simple divide and rule technique, you can achieve almost anything that you want (read more about it here).

There is nothing like a taste of success. One success brings the another one. Small progress everyday adds up to a big one – One Day. You get motivation to work even harder next time and your progress starts climbing upward spiral.

Distraction Free Working for One Hour Everyday

Quick question: Are you able to focus on one thing without being distracted? If not, then you are not alone. We’re living in the age of information overload. At any given point of time we’re bombarded with the millions of information from all corners. For example, when you pick up your phone to check your what’s app message, you have two notification on facebook, while checking them, you end up browsing the time line of your friend’s friend and there you find this funny cat YouTube Video of 5 minutes, and while watching it you click on one interesting advertisement, that takes you on somebody’s blog, and then there is this irresistible affiliate marketing offer or super deal about some product that you always wanted…and things go on and on. By the time you realize you were working on some important task, a lot of time is already wasted.

To give one hour of undivided attention to your most important task has become a mission impossible for many people these days. Your smartphone very smartly takes away all your time in all wrong directions.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Just imagine, what if you can turn off the internet, switch off your phone, and lock yourself in a room for good one hour where you can work for next 60 minutes without any disturbance for your most important goal of the day! And what if you can do this on a daily basis? The result of those concentrated actions will amaze you. Don’t believe my word, just try it.

There is also called a Pomodoro technique that you can implement to give your distraction free time and undivided attention to your important goals.

Early Feedback System

Every athlete has his/her own personal coach. The job of coach is to observe your actions, analyze them, and provide you with the right feedback on time to improve, enhance or multiply your performance. The value of constant feedback is important. Establish your early feedback system from the beginning and let it guide you throughout the goal achievement process.

You can think of having an accountability partner (that can be your friend, peer or family member – basically you both are committed to not let fail each other), and can set some time on daily or weekly basis to meet online or offline and report your progress.  You can discuss what you did well, what you didn’t do so well, what help do you need to achieve your goal, what are the things you need to improve upon, what things to keep what to eliminate. In short, everything that serves you, you will keep enhancing them and whatever is not serving your purpose, you will simple let them go.

The right feedback will improve your process and will get you to your desired result even faster.

Alright, so implement these three simple steps to your goal achievement process and this will help you compound your actions in manifold and you will be able to achieve more in less time just like any successful person you adore and admire.

Good luck!

Bharat Jhala

(Image Credit:Dino Reichmuth)  


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