How to stay Motivated and Accomplish Anything with this Simple Divide and Rule Technique

Divide and Rule

Failing to plan is planning to fail. – Alan Lakein

In today’s post I’m going to share one small important Divide and Rule Technique that will help you instantly to take control of your time, help you remain motivated and focused on your important goals, and further will help you accomplish anything beating procrastination and living your day with a big smile.

A solid promise, isn’t it? Yes It is.

Let’s be honest and admit that we all want success, wealth, health, dream vacation, great relationship and fun time with friends and family – isn’t it? We have a lot of dreams, hopes and even more desires in our mind. However, what happens at the end of day? We only count our misses and not hits. There is always some pending task remains on our to-do list by the end of the day. Some unexpected change, event, people or even our laziness comes on our way and we end up procrastinating our planned actions or even avoid important things and spend our whole day in doing just all unimportant things.

But that happens with everybody, I have been there too. We all are busy living truly busy and unorganized life.

Life is hard if you live it the easy way and easy if you live it the hard way. – Joe Polish

We all take it for granted in our early years of life, exactly the way we take the early hours of the day. We only realize that how much could have been done when it is already a noon or sometime even at night.

Unfortunately, the time once gone, is gone forever!

The way your day goes, your life also follows the same pattern. To own your life, you need to own your time.

But how to own my time – you would ask? Pretty simple, work on three aspects mentioned below.

1. Clarity of what you want.
2. Careful planning for your goals.
3. Centered action plan to achieve your desired goal.

1. Clarity of What You Want:

Let me ask you something: Do you know what you really want to accomplish in next 5 years? In next 1 year? In Next quarter? Or in next month, week or tomorrow?

If you do, great. If not, this is the time to wake up and have clarity on what you really want. Not knowing what exactly you want to accomplish, drags your life in all directions leaving you always playing – chase your dream – game pretty much every single day. Clarity helps to remain focused canceling out all other noises and distractions around.

2. Careful Planning for Your Goals:

Careful planning is all about careful choices. If your goal is to have a great health and ripped body, then you choose healthy food over junk food on daily basis. Your mind will be tempted to do million different things which are not compatible with your goals, however, you need to remind yourself that what is important for you and what is not. Put only those things on your list which serve the bigger goal, things that matter the most in your life or give the maximum return of your time investment. Cancel out everything else.

The biggest pitfall, however, is to wanting too many things and planning too many things to do in a 24 hours time. But remember you only have 24 hours to live on daily basis, you only can do handful of things in one day. If you don’t understand this simple fact and keep pouring tens of things on your planning and to-do list, then of course, you will end up with a big list of pending tasks by the end of the day. Avoid frustration by keeping minimum things on your list.

In short, your planning should include:

  • A room for accommodating sudden change in your situation.
  • Minimum tasks that leave you enough freedom to live balanced and stress-free life.
  • Keeping only important things or things for which your return of time investment is higher.

3. Centered Action Plan:

Do you know a great things are often very simple too, and that’s why simplicity is called the ultimate sophistication.

Without much noise, here is that one simple yet effective technique called Divide and Rule, that I personally follow in my life.

Divide and Rule Technique:

As we all know that…

  • Each month has 4 weeks.
  • Each week has 5 week days.
  • Each day has 24 hours.

I divide my big goal into smaller goals and further in smaller actions that I can easily and comfortably complete on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

I believe in action because remember only actions create results rest all gives you false hope and waste your time.

If you can identify what you really want, setting right goals becomes easier. And if you have the right goals in place, setting right actions or process that give the desired result is even easier. Your daily focus then remains only to complete those actions, and results automatically will follow.


  • My one big goal for next three months gets divided into 3 goals each to achieve in 1 month of time.
  • My 1 monthly goal will be divided further into 4 small goals each to achieve in 1 week of time.
  • My weekly goal will be divided even further into 5 small goals each to achieve in 24 hours.

Things become super easy and comfortable this way.


  • Every last week of the month I plan for the next month’s goals.
  • Every Friday evening plan for the next week’s goals.
  • Every evening or before going to sleep I plan my MIT (Most Important Task list) for the next day.

And I keep repeating this process every single day, week and month until it becomes part of my routine.

Goals become super easy to achieve. Every night you go to bed with the feeling of being successful and every morning you jump out of the bed with excitement and enthusiasm to work on your mission. Small success adds upto a big success, one day!

See that I still have two days of weekend left to do just nothing or anything that I want.

I use this amazing free tool called Trello to plan my monthly, weekly and daily activities. Here is the screen shot for you.

Divide and Rule Technique with Trello
Call to Action:
1. Follow this divide and rule technique
2. Use Trello to plan out your monthly, weekly and daily activities.
3. Keep taking actions.

Try this simple technique and stick to it with discipline until it becomes part of your nature and start happening effortlessly. Don’t forget to share your results. If you like this article, please share it among your friends, families and facebook page.

Thank you and Have fun!

Bharat Jhala

(Image Credit: William Iven)


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  1. Very nice. Devide and rule works for everything!

  2. This was a great read!
    I find the divide and rule technique to be one of the best ways to tackle problems and projects alike, especially daunting ones.

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