What is this Blog About?

Have You Every Thought To Yourself…

“How do I create power habits that help me become my better version.”

“I really want to achieve my important goals in life, but I often end up off track.”

“What’s the purpose of my life and how do I find my true calling?”

“I’ve many hopes and dreams. But I’ve no idea how to make them true.”

“I wish I knew the secret of success.”

If so, you’ve come at the right place.

Hi! I’m Bharat Jhala, founder of the Approach Your Actions. I have created this platform for you, your success and your happiness.

It All Started When I Read…

One Interesting Research About Human Brain

Done by NSF (National Science Foundation), this research confirms that an average person have 50000 thoughts per day.

When I heard this first time I thought,  “Wow! What a powerful brain we all have got!”

The next moment I thought, “Wow! What a waste of that power!!”

Two thoughts in two seconds. Yes, our Brain works at this rate and even faster at times.

The research also states that 80% thoughts are negative and 95% are repetitive.

And I had third thought popping up already in my brain.

Third Thought: “Rather wasting this enormous power mercilessly every single day – and still crying and complaining most of the time for not having what we want in our life – how about, if we consciously select few thoughts, and start working on them to achieve the desired results?”

Sounds great, isn’t it? But…

Thinking mode is the most comfortable zone


Action mode is the most challenging zone.


We normally always prefer to be comfortable.

End results??

We suffer from All Thoughts and no Actions syndrome, most of the times.

Regrets and complains become our friends forever.

Remember, the universe rewards actions, not a thought.

And, that is why if you want your dreams, desires, hopes and goals to become a reality of your life, you need to develop the Action-Approach.


  • Uncaging yourself from a thought trap and taking the charge of your life in your hand.
  • Engaging in the massive and effective actions towards achieving your goals.
  • Enjoying the desired results of your actions and living a truly fulfilling and balanced life

You feel good and excited to living off your passion and purpose.
To me, the right Action Approach comes from 3Cs:

  1. Clarity in our Thoughts
  2. Confidence in our Beliefs
  3. Centeredness in our Action

This is exactly what I teach here at Approach Your Actions…Helping you to make difference in your life, career, and in your happiness level.

Why Action-Approach is so important in life?

  • Action – Approach is about approaching a very systematic set of right actions.
  • Right actions bring desired results and success.
  • Results and success bring confidence and happiness.
  • Confidence and happiness create a conducive internal and external environment where love and happiness blooms.
  • Love and happiness makes you a better person and this world a better place.

Remember, We never are what we say, but we certainly are what we do.

What’s next:

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